Welcome to US Shipbrokers

US Shipbrokers is a competitive passenger vessel broker. Our expertise is derived from years of executive service & ownership in the Cruise & Ferry Industry. Unlike all conventional brokers, we bring an operational clarity and understanding to all of our clients needs. Our relationship does not end with the sale or charter of a vessel. With our knowledge, US Shipbrokers has developed a diverse network of world wide contacts in all areas of the passenger vessel industry.

Areas we service

Sale & Purchase

Let us match you up with one of the vessels in our inventory, or if you are looking to sell, we specialize in emerging markets, and will find a new home for your vessel.

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We will create a charter that will work for both parties. We specialize in passenger ship charters, long or short term as well as waterfront emergency housing.

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With our vast experience from own operation as well as various aspect of the marine, financial and insurance industry, we will not steer you wrong. Contact us for free advice.

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